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Science and technology
  • 2011

    ·The company was registered in January

    ·Establishment of South China office: Dongguan

    ·The 6-inch classic ds613 and 8-inch classic ds820 are officially in mass production

  • 2012

    ·The 6-inch ds616 and 8-inch ds830 have been successfully developed and tested, and are in mass production

  • 2013

    ·First appearance at semiconductor China International Semiconductor Equipment Exhibition

  • 2014

    ·Set up East China office: Suzhou

    ·The 10 inch all-round ds9100 has been successfully developed and tested, and has been put into mass production

  • 2015

    ·The ds623 6-inch precision dicing machine has been successfully developed and tested with advanced functions and high precision, and has been promoted in the market

    ·Settled in the industrial park, the company moved into a new office building

  • 2016

    ·Establish Southwest Office: Chengdu

    ·The ds830 8-inch precision dicing machine was successfully upgraded and began to be marketed

  • 2017

    ·Establishing overseas offices: esto-integration

    ·Dicing machine made substantial breakthrough in overseas market

    ·Ds9200 12 inch double axis semi-automatic dicing machine has been successfully developed and tested, and began to be popularized in the market

    ·The annual sales increased by 67.26% over the previous year, and the performance grew rapidly

  • 2018

    ·Establishment of southeast office: Xiamen

    ·It has been included in the cultivation Library of science and technology small giant enterprises and has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise

    ·The whole series of dicing machines have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification

    ·Obtain 7 software copyright licenses

    ·DS Series dicing machine obtained CE certification

    ·Annual sales increased by 30.07% over the previous year

  • 2019

    · Ds9260 12 inch double axis automatic dicing machine has been successfully tested and put into the market

    · The annual sales continued to grow in the downturn of the industry

    · Heyan technology is listed on the list of gazelle enterprises in Liaoning Province in 2019

    · Set up overseas marketing center

    · Obtained 7 utility model patents

    · Apply for and accept 4 invention patents

    · First visit to Taiwan to participate in semiconductor Taiwan International Semiconductor Equipment Exhibition

  • 2020

    · Two utility model patents have been granted

    · Establishment of central China office: Wuhan

    · Ds9200plus large size double axis semi-automatic dicing machine launched into the market

    · Launch the dicing machine central control networking function, remote interactive control, improve customer production efficiency

  • 2021

    · Launched ds9120 12 inch single axis semi-automatic dicing machine

    · Launch ds9240 8-inch double axis automatic dicing machine

    · Launch relevant supporting equipment for high-end automation models

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