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Process laboratory

The technology laboratory is a department which aims at serving customers better, aiming at the characteristics of different materials, combining with the characteristics of our equipment, exploring and improving the technology ability, and constantly exploring cutting-edge problems. Make every effort to provide customers with reasonable, practical and efficient product application solutions.

Our laboratory is equipped with a full range of dicing machines and auxiliary equipment, auxiliary materials, consumables and testing equipment. The trial cutting application form and cutting process report are clear and clear, providing customers with a full range of service experience.

       工艺实验室(图1)    工艺实验室(图2)    工艺实验室(图3)

Service Items

·Process development - for new products, according to customer requirements, quickly sort out the more appropriate process parameters, so that customers can put into mass production at the first time.

·Process optimization - according to the customer's existing process, through parameter optimization, customized software development and other ways, help to find better solutions.

·Process communication - periodically communicate with customers for public welfare, and make a little contribution to improve yield, efficiency and cost.

·Slicing agent - can undertake small batch slicing agent processing business, cooperate with customers to complete the sample delivery work, hand in hand.

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